What are the things that make Singapore one of the most popular places that people from all round the globe visits? The location, the climate, the food and the attractions those are unique. This is one place that comes to everyone’s mind when we talk about vacation and holidays. There are so many fabulous places that are in Singapore and most of these places are best in the world and that is the reason why Singapore has been leading in the tourism sector in the last few years. Singapore developed a lot in the recent years and the luxurious hotels and restaurants have made it easier for tourists feel the comfort and warmth of this place. There are many tourist attractions in Singapore and some of those are mentioned below.

Singapore Attractions

  • Orchard Road – Orchard Road has been a very popular tourist destination and there are many shops in this place that attracts thousands of people. Orchard Road is a famous shopping strip in Singapore and it is about 2.2km area. There is retail that surrounds about 800000 square meters of area. There are many food outlets and dining’s in the Orchard Road and also several sectors for entertainment and leisure. One of the fashionable shopping malls in Singapore, the ION Orchard is here. This place is decorated with lights and lamps in the festive season and especially during the Christmas season this place is worth seeing.
  • Singapore Flyer – Singapore Flyer is almost 165m in height and it is one of the most iconic structures in the country. Singapore Flyer is the largest observation wheel on the earth. This is the perfect place to witness the city’s skyline of Marina Bay and Singapore River. Merlion Park; Marina Bay Financial Centre etc. Singapore Flyer is also popular because one can also witness the countries that border Singapore such as Malaysia and Indonesia. So the next time, you are in Singapore, do visit the inquiry Flye for a better and exciting view of the city.
  • Singapore Zoo – Zoos are always a fun place for children and it is also an exciting place for knowledge about flora and fauna. The Singapore Zoo is very popular and it is one of the major attractions of Singapore tourism. The Singapore Zoo is also known for its world class wildlife park settings. This enables the animals to roam freely in the vicinity of the zoo. This zoo has also been awarded 9 times as Best Leisure Attraction experience by the Singapore Tourism Board. The zoo is about 26 hectares in area and there are almost 2,800 animals inside it.
  • A garden by the Bay – This place is about 101 hectares and there are many rare plants in the garden. There are almost 250,000 rare plants. This place is located in the central location in Singapore. A garden by the Bay is just a few minutes walk from the Marina Bay. This place also offers Marina Bay Financial District skyline. There are also cooled conservatories in the garden.
  • Fort Canning Park – Fort Canning Park is one of the major attractions in the country and it is thousands of years ancient. In the 1300s, this park came into existence in the rule of the Malay kings. Fort Canning Park was a major military base in the World War 2. Fort Canning Park is of historical importance and the history and the heritage of this great country reflects in the Fort Canning Park. If you are lucky enough, then you can also witness musical performances and concerts in some special occasions.
  • Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay –The Esplanade are one of the major landmarks of the country. Known for its prickly exterior that is similar to Durian. The Esplanade is a very popular hang out place for the people and the tourist and offers various things such as dining, shopping, and performing arts. There are also different concert halls and different events take place all the year round.
  • Merlion Park – Merlion Park is the emblem of Singapore tourism and it was built-in the year 1964 by Mr Lim Nang Seng. This park is located adjacent to the hotel One Fullerton. This is 8.6 meters high and weights around 70 tonnes.
  • Night Safari – This one has been awarded as Best Attraction 10 times by the Singapore Tourism Board. This famous park is home to nocturnal animals and it first came into existence in the year 1994. There is about 2500 animals in the park and every year it attracts many people from all over the country and the world.
  • Universal Studios Singapore – Universal Studios Singapore came into existence in the year 2011. Universal Studios Singapore is part of its kinds in the Southeast Asia. Universal Studios Singapore is located in the Sentosa Island. This one place is very much popular among the families and it is a perfect hangout place for families.
  • Songs of the Sea – Songs of the Sea is a very unique and one of its kinds in the world. It is a permanent show set in the sea. This place provides varieties of entertainment doses like the live cast and waterworks. There are also musicals and water jets, lasers, and flame bursts.
  • Marina Bay Sands – Marina Bay, Sand is one of the most expensive casinos in the world. This one is part of the Singapore skyline and is added in the year 2010. Some of its attractions are the Shoppes, Integrated Resort etc.

These are some of the amazing places that are offered by this place to the people that travels from all over the world every year. The people here are very friendly and that is why the number of tourists coming here every year is increasing drastically. The climate is very much suitable all round the year and that is the reason it is one of the perfect tourist destination in the world. There are many others that are popular all over the world. So the next time you plan on vacation, Singapore is a place worth to see and spend quality time with your family.

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