Tlemcen National Park

The National Park Tlemcen is a natural reserve located in Tlemcen, Algeria. It is one of the last national parks of Algeria due to its recent establishment in 1993. It covers an area of ​​8825 hectares and includes the provinces of seven municipalities, notably Tlemcen, Mansoura and Ain Faza.

In addition to these natural and tourist attractions, there are several attractive landscapes scattered through forests, mountains and plains as well as historical monuments and monuments.

It’s bordered to the north by the Mediterranean Sea and the state of Ain Timoshenko, to the east of the state of Sidi Bel Abbes and to the west of Morocco and the Far East of the state of ostrich. It has an area of ​​about 8225.04 hectares and there is a project to extend the hanger to 80,000 hectares.

The park consists of oak trees of all kinds. The plants have about 904 varieties, of which 22 are protected, 31 are indigenous, 38 are rare and 27 are very rare: (Golden garlic _ Medicinal plants _ Fungi).

Tlemcen National Park algeria attractions
Tlemcen National Park

The barn contains 141 animal species, 49 of which are protected by Algerian law, as follows:

100 kinds of birds including 38 protected species.

16 species of mammals including 08 protected species.

18 species of reptiles, including 1 protected species.

7 types of amphibians.

33 species of insects.

The national park of Tlemcen is the last of the barbaric squirrels.

It’s featured in its picturesque effects including:

The famous oorite.

The Bani Aad cave, located at 1123 altitude, occupies an area of ​​8500 square meters and includes the Sultan’s room, the guard room and the Statue of Liberty.

Lala City Plateau offers a beautiful panorama of unparalleled beauty.

Mansoura University.

Sidi Boumediene Mosque

Sidi Ishaq El Tayyar Mosque

Minaret of Agadir

Wadi Tafneh

Furnished Dam

Forest of Mutas

The park has two geological masses, Lands of the Jurassic Period and Lands of the Third Age. It is also featured in rocky nature, which led to the existence of many of the caves. Also found in the barn red soil and low-water drylands.

There are temporary valleys in the area, such as the Tavneh Valley, Wadi Nashif, and Wad. The climate in the region is semi-dry and wet.


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