Like all the other cities in the world at the crossroads of trade and civilization, Tangier is a city not repeated: it is located at the confluence of the Mediterranean Sea in the Atlantic Ocean, between the European continent and Africa. But in exchange for its great tourist value, this city is one of the most important cities in Africa in general and in Morocco in particular, and it is a struggle against banks and economic companies, all of which are all overlooking the picturesque new port. Due to its economic wealth, it has become one of the most important cultural centers in Africa, where it finds art halls, theaters, music, museums and famous cultural associations.
It is a paradise in terms of its moderate Mediterranean climate, compared to the climate prevailing in most Arab countries. Its maximum temperature can reach 28 in August, the lowest of 8 degrees in January. The wind is permanent throughout the year because of its location at the Straits of Gibraltar. One of the people standing at the beach says that the voice of Tariq ibn Ziyad continues to waver with the wind: “The Sea is in front of you …”
The oldest cities of Morocco were founded by the Amazighs, Where its ancient walls are surrounded by 13 gates and a number of towers still in place today. Today it is a center of great cultural diversity, a rich African-European that urges you from the first moment to roam and discover its mysterious alleys. Before you dive into its alleys you can go to the Hercules Caves located 14 km from the city and enjoy the rare picturesque nature there, especially as the cave openings overlook the Atlantic Ocean which sends its flowing water to these openings in a captivating sight.


The Tangier American Legation Museum

The Tangier American Legation Museum
The Tangier American Legation Museum

The Museum of the Old American Commission reviews the history of relations between the United States of America and the Maghreb, where the museum contains paintings of the Moroccan and American heritage, as well as a valuable collection of important and exciting documents, besides antiques and sculpture.


The Kasbah

Kasbah Museum Entrance

The Kasbah or Ghassan Ghailan is one of the most famous places of tourism in Tangiers, Morocco. It is located on the bank of the valley called the Valley of the throat. The Kasbah includes a number of buildings including the famous Kasbah Palace and the Kasbah Mosque.Located on the seafront overlooking the Atlantic coast and close to the Straits of Gibraltar, this is one of the most important places to visit in Tangier.

Forbes Museum of Tangier

The Forbes Museum, named after the American rich Malcolm Forbes, has about 115 weapons reminiscent of historic battles from Waterloo to Dian Bo-bo in Indochina.

Cave of Hercules

The Hercules Cave overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and is one of the most important tourist destinations in Tangiers. Morocco is one of the largest caves in Africa. It stretches about 30 kilometers inside the mountain. The cave receives many visitors and tourists from all over the world.There is a wonderful cafe above the cave that visitors can have a snack and enjoy a fascinating view of the Gulf of Tangier and the Straits of Bab Tarek and the coast of Andalusia also.

Cafe Edge

The Edge Cafe is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tangiers. It is not only a coffee shop but a place frequented by celebrities of art, literature and politics as well as tourists from all over the world.
The Edge Cafe dates back to the early 20th century and are located on a high plateau overlooking the Straits of Gibraltar, making it an important destination for enjoying tea and relaxing with a charming view.

Museum of Moroccan Arts

The Museum of Moroccan Arts dates back to the seventeenth century AD and is known as the House of the Makhzen and the Sultan’s Palace. The museum is characterized by its high location in the city of Tangier, which overlooks both the Strait of Gibraltar and the Old City.

Church of St. Andrew

This unique church was built in the style of Islamic architecture, which made it one of the most distinguished churches in the world and an important example of the patterns of civilizations and cultures in the Moroccan city of Tangier.The church includes towers built on the principle of silos of Moroccan mosques and contains many unique decorations and carvings.


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