Known in French as Sousse, one of the famous Tunisian cities, located in a coastal area near the Mediterranean Sea, Sousse is known as the Pearl of the Sahel; because of its distinctive marine bay, which contains a vast fish wealth and a distinctive marine geography, Sousse was classified as one of the world heritage cities in 1988 by UNESCO.

Great Mosque

The Grand Mosque of Sousse
The Grand Mosque of Sousse

It is the oldest and largest mosques in Sousse. It is located in the middle of the city and was established during the rule of the Aghlabid in 859 AD It was a small mosque and then many of its facilities were built and its buildings expanded to become more important. Mosques in the city.


Ribat Sousse
Ribat Sousse

It was built in the ninth century during the Aghlabid period and was built on the basis of ancient Byzantine foundations. The city of Ribat Monastir and other polytheistic structures built by Muslims on the whole of the northern African coasts from Alexandria to Ceuta, and was initially built for the purpose of playing a military role in protecting the coasts and selecting warriors stationed in religion and most of them were volunteers, most famous of them were Asad bin Euphrates Fateh Sicily and Imam Sahnoun who He became one of the country’s greatest jurists.

The Sousse ribat consists of high round towers overlooking a group of small rooms where the Almoravids were to study and worship during periods of fighting. The ligament is simply superior in geometry, which earns the building and is painted with prestige, halo and grandeur.

Mosaic Museum

One of the most important tourist places in Tunisia, especially in the city ​​of Sousse is the Sousse Archaeological Museum because it contains the second largest mosaic after the National Museum in Pardo.

1951 was established in the ancient city of Sousse, a city listed on the World Heritage List. The museum houses a large collection of antiquities and monuments that have left many historical eras, especially in the city of Sousse.

The first thing you can meet inside the museum is the small library with a number of books, alongside a hall for exhibitions and seminars. The entrance to the museum, which is a monumental building and columns, will give you an idea of ​​architecture in some of the ancient Tunisian history.

You can stroll through the museum’s many exhibits, especially the large mosaics and mosaics inside the museum, dating back to the second and fourth centuries. The most important of these pieces is the Medusa head mosaic.

During your tour you can also see some figurines made of matte clay, some memorial plates, pottery tools and pieces related to funerals and brooches. During your tour, do not forget to pass on the victory of Bacchus, made of mosaics, which some consider the most beautiful pieces in the museum.

Among the important exhibits in the museum are the Roman statues and sculptures discovered in the city of Sousse and the surrounding areas, and most of them are statues of the Roman goddesses or emperors.

Times of work:

Daily except Monday from 9 am to 12 noon.

And from 3:00 to 19:00.

Entry Rates: 9 Tunisian Dinars.

Dar Esid (The Traditional Tunisian House)

The House of the Sayyid Museum

Which makes you travel back in time, has plenty of bricks from all over Europe, old-fashioned kitchens, generous-size bedrooms with patio decor on a very long tower with great panoramic views. Also an upstairs cafe overlooking the city of Sousse.

The house owned by one of the wealthiest families in Sousse, has turned into a museum for visitors. The museum takes you to a fabulous world of colorful trinkets, decorations, colorful walls and sumptuous luxury furniture, with a beautiful terrace overlooking the city.

Kalaout El Koubba

Open 10:00-17:00 (lunch break 13:00-15:00) entrance. 3DT. Small but interesting museum in the center of medina. Easy to spot as there are numerous signs on the medina walls pointing the direction. Among the others you can see nice wedding dress collection.

Camel market

The Camel market is held once a week. Don’t be misled by the name of the market; you won’t find camels here. You will find household items, cheap clothes, cheap jewelry and vegetables. For a tourist the products are not interesting, but it can be interesting to be around the locals. Be warned for pickpockets at this market, hide your belongings under your clothes or leave it at your hotel.


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