Shenzhen is located in the south of China in Guangdong province on the banks of the Pearl River.

It is one of the modern cities, which before 1980 was called “Bao An”, with a population of more than 20,000. It had no fishing activity until it became an extension of the city of Hong Kong and became the ideal place for modern industries. Guangzhou, and has become the perfect place to establish modern industries, light industry and artworks.

Window of the World

Window Of the World

It’s a huge museum with a total area of ​​48 hectares and adjacent to China’s popular cultural village. It combines the wonders of the world with historical monuments, landscapes and folk shows in one place. It has one section for Asia and another for Africa and one for America, as well as a space for modern science.

Splendid China & Chinese Folks Culture Village

Splendid China Temple of Heaven

Located on the western side of the Great China Park, founded in 1991, the village covers a total area of ​​158,000 km. It is a national cultural museum of more than 56 different nationalities. It hosts many different national festivals in a wonderful way and expresses the Chinese art of poetry, music and singing. Attracts millions of tourists from around the world.

Happy Valley Theme park

Happy Valley Shenzhen

Happy valley theme park is a famous modern park in Shenzhen, covering an area of ​​350 thousand km square meters, and can travel between the city of cartoon and Shangri-La forests and gold fan, in addition to the possibility to enjoy the adventure of the mountains, and ride the wonderful modern games.

Minsk World

Minsk World

Minsk World is a military park, which tells the history of Shenzhen with the Russian Federation, displays models of aircraft carriers and many historical weapons used in the wars fought by China.

Dafen Oil Painting Village

Dafen Oil Painting Village

The oil painting village is located next to Hong Kong in the city of Dafen, far from the scientific auctions, but art is also traded in this city, but it is a different kind of art. In the village of oil art, which is one square kilometer of buildings in the town of Bugi, Chen has about 700 showrooms.

Some of the exhibition halls are open and packed with artworks, and some other lounges are closed and air conditioned and their walls carry paintings in elegant frames and visitors can request something of outstanding work or other in the stores. The natural European landscape is located next to the animal pictures and Chinese scenes.

Next to the famous European works such as the Mona Lisa. All works of art are copied and copied by hand very carefully, each priced at just a few dollars. “The price is only 50 cents.”

Garden Map China

Garden Map China is a beautiful garden is a miniature natural snapshot of China, where 30 thousand miniature sites in China were arranged in the garden, to be a real and fast window for foreigners to learn Chinese civilization and see them without the hardship of moving across China.

Safari Park Shenzhen

Safari Park is the first mobile park in China, located on the Shore of Xili Lake, with a stunning natural area of​1 million square meters. It is home to birds and animals in its natural environment. It has a wonderful design divided into 3 sections, a vegetable and animal area, Outdoor bikes.


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