The city of Salzburg is the fourth largest Austrian city of the most important tourist cities there; the old town of Salzburg is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List because it is very picturesque. Salzburg is also worth visiting, because the city is very close to nature and mountains. This combination makes Salzburg one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

Schloss Hellbrunn

Schloss Hellbrunn Salzburg austria attractions
Schloss Hellbrunn

Jewel on the outskirts of Salzburg. Its frenetic fountains are a pure pleasure for young people and adults from the beginning. Water was one of the dominant elements of the palace’s design.

There is a 45-minute guided tour of the fountains and an audio guide available for the house.

Open 1 Apr-1 Nov, Apr, Oct 9AM-4:30PM; May, Jun, Sep 9AM-5:30PM; Jul, Aug 9AM-9PM (only trick fountains from 6PM).


Getreidegasse Salzburg austria attractions

Gitridegasa is probably one of the most beautiful shopping streets in the world: you can find a wide range of shops that invite visitors to view and shop behind carefully decorated facades, in traditional passages and within the characteristic area.

Hohensalzburg Fortress

Hohensalzburg Salzburg austria attractions

Hohen and Wren are standing tall in Vienna in the Salzak Valley, where the Salzak River divides the city. The left half is the oldest of the Roman settlements where the city was built on the ruins of an ancient Roman city. The Salzak River is the only one of its kind in the world in the panoramic boat (Amadeus Salzburg) offers spectacular views of the city and its suburbs.

The castle is located about 40 kilometers south of Salzburg, which is the heart of tourism in Austria and is listed on UNESCO’s list of cultural heritage in the world and is one of the finest tourist cities in Austria and world famous Baroque architecture and quiet atmosphere and is the fourth largest city The city has a long musical history and is the birthplace of renowned Mozart and enjoys a beautiful view due to its proximity to the Alps.

The castle is surrounded by the Berktesgaden Alpine Mountains and the neighboring Tyninbergberg mountain range. It is a sister of the Hohen Salzburg Castle, which is located on the mountain of Hohen Salzburg, on the mountain of the monk. The castle is distinguished by its striking architecture, reflecting the world-famous sights of the city. The walls of this castle and is one of the most prominent features of the city of Salzburg, the length of 250 meters and the width of 150 meters and is the largest medieval castles in Europe and because of the large and tall fortress can be seen from a distance and the castle has a wonderful view of the city, The two lists since the atheist century Ashro is hohenwerfen castle at a height of 632 meters above sea level.

Between the years 1075 and 1078 during the celebration of the imperial inauguration and the orders of the Archdiocese Gerhard Erchidoug Salzburg a strategic fortress was built at a height of 155 meters on the high rocks where three main castles were built to secure the Duchy of Salzburg against the forces of King Henry IV, Hohen Castle Salzburg and Castle Petersburg in Carinthia and Hohen and Wren Castle, which were probably initially simple wooden structures, but in the 10th century the castle reached its present form.

Gebhard was expelled in 1077 and was no longer in 1086. Bhohn died and was buried two years later. In the following centuries, he served the Hohen Castle. The rulers and princes of Salzburg were buried not only as a military base but also as a place of residence and hunting. During the war of the German peasantry, in 1525 and 1526, peasants and miners in the south of Salzburg headed for the castle and set fire to it. The castle was severely damaged but was renovated from 1519 to 1540.

The castle of Hohen and Wren is a suitable place to enjoy events and events, whether social or official. It has three rooms or rooms with an average of 300 people. The Palace is 200 people. There is a castle courtyard that can accommodate up to 500 people. For newly married couples, who offer a night out at the Amiri wedding pavilion in the summer, the castle becomes event-packed, offering folklore and theater roles.

Alter Markt Square

Alter Markt Square Salzburg austria attractions
Alter Markt Square

Such as an old attractive and variety shops in thisarea and also there’s a pharmacy called Fürsterzbischöfliche Apotheke.

Mozarts Geburtshaus

Mozarts Geburtshaus Salzburg austria attractions
Mozarts Geburtshaus

If you are a fan of music and its creators you will definitely want to visit this museum where the famous music composer Mozart was born, the most famous son of the city of Salzburg.

In this bright yellow house Mozart was born in 1756 and spent the first 17 years of his life in this house, and now this house has become one of the most famous musical museums in Austria.

You can go there to listen to some Mozart music or watch pieces of his clothes and some of the instruments he used.

Separate entrance fee. Adults: €10, Seniors €8.5, Youths and school groups 15-18: €2, Children and school groups 6-14: €1.50.

Mozarts Wohnhaus

The Mozart family lived on the third floor of the house of Hagenor in Gitridigasse 9 for twenty-six years, from 1747 to 1773. The famous composer Wall Gang Amadeus Mozart was born in this house on January 27, 1956. The building was named after the merchant who sells saliva Johan Lorenz Hagnor The owner owned the house and is a friend of the Mozart family.

Schloss Mirabell

Schloss Mirabell Salzburg austria attractions
Schloss Mirabell

The most important tourist attractions in the city of Salz Burj are the historic Mirabel Castle, located on the left side of the famous tourist square of Mirabel, located in the heart of the city. It is also worth mentioning that this castle was built by the Archbishop It was named after Wolf Dietrich at the beginning of the seventeenth century AD, in 1606 AD, and he designed its magnificent architecture to be modeled after the famous Brücke model in the former state of Austria. It was designed by Mr. Hilde Brandt Which has been restored again but this time p Z classic modern style, and that was after a massive fire that broke out in 1818 AD, but now the castle there are the mayor’s offices and there is also the special municipal council in the famous Tower Salz.

It is also worth mentioning that the museum of the castle of Mirabel is one of the most tourist attractions frequented by tourists in the city as it was designed in the building Gardener, which was occupied by an orange nursery, but a special museum was built in the city of Salad Tower to include many different exhibits and Which dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries of the Procurian era, which is part of the old European art. There is also the castle garden, which has a magnificent and magnificent view, which was also designed in the broccoli style. Mr. Fischer von Ehrlich, since he has developed a lot of Sofas, carved statues and an attractive water fountain. There is also a small, air-conditioned theater set up for small concerts.


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