Formerly known as Baytown Since it’s founding in 1826, Ottawa today is the capital of Canada. With a number of rivers, canals and major architectural landmarks you can explore many sights in a city considered one of the most educated and high-standard cities of living.

Canadian Museum of Nature

Canadian Museum of Nature Ottawa
Canadian Museum of Nature

Plateau Parliament


The Hill Parliament is a major historical and political site in Canada, as well as a beautiful tourist site. It is located on the southern bank of the Ottawa River, and as its name suggests, the Canadian Parliament is located, although it was a military base during the 18th century.

Redo Channel

Providing you with a rich journey between the historic culture of Ottawa, across the stagnant water system of the canal and dams that are still in their original form, you can ride kayaks, canoes or roam among the national parks and bird watching.

Museum Bytown

Built in 1827, the museum was built entirely of Georgian-style stone and opened in 1917 as a place to display artifacts dating back to the early days of the city.

Canada Science and Technology Museum

Its purpose is to introduce the scientific transformations that have been taking place in Canada since its opening in 1967. It was the first museum of interactive displays and it is an interesting place to visit regardless of age.

Notre Dame Cathedral

The cathedral was built with a number of styles ranging from modern and neo-Gothic to modernity, due to the long time it took to build from 1832 to 1846.

Union Square

Centrally located in the center of the square is the National War Memorial, a national landmark in Canada, surrounded by many important buildings such as the State Convention Center, the Central Post Office and the National Center for the Arts.

Mir Blue Protected Area

The French word is translated into the Blue Sea, a protected area home to countless wild animals such as beaver, turtles and water birds. There are a couple of hiking trails to reach high places.


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