Naples is the third largest Italian city in terms of population, a historical city and one of the most important tourist cities in Italy dates back to the period between the sixth and seventh century BC founded by the Greeks and has since been one of the largest historic cities in the world.
The city has many historical treasures, such as castles, churches and others. It also has other prominent landmarks where you will be impressed by the beauty of its beach, its pedestrian pier and its distinctive restaurants, which offer the finest sea food and a unique Italian flavor.

Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte

Capodimonte Museum

The Museum of Capodimonte is home to the largest collections of art in the world. It includes 106 rooms filled with works of art from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, various Italian art schools and trends and some of the masterpieces of ancient Roman art, including the works of the most famous artists such as Martini, Raphael and Greco.

Castel Sant’Elmo

Castel Sant'Elmo attractions

The castle of St. Elmo is located on the highest point in Naples, with panoramic views of the city and the surroundings. The castle has many functions, including art galleries, concerts, research and conferences.

Naples Cathedral

Naples Cathedral attractions

The Cathedral of Naples is the Roman Catholic Cathedral, the important church in Naples, the seat of the Archbishop of Naples. Construction continued under the reign of his successor Charles II (1285-1309) and was completed in the early 14th century under the supervision of Robert Anju. Built on the foundations of two basilica-ancient derived from Christianity, which still clearly visible effects. Under the building revealed the Greek and Roman excavations and artifacts. The church has a vial of St. Januarius blood being brought twice a year, on the first Saturday in May and on September 19, when the blood is usually dried

Naples National Archaeological Museum

Naples National Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum is one of the most famous museums in Naples. It contains a huge collection of antiquities, dating back to the Roman, Egyptian and Greek periods such as the Byzantine period, statues and jewelry, some of which are from Pompey and Herculaneum.

Royal Palace of Naples

Royal Palace Naples

The royal palace in Naples is considered one of the greatest royal palaces around the world. It was the summer residence and the fishing rest of the Sicilian kings. Today the palace is the national museum in the area of Capodemonti and the artistic exhibition of the city. The word Cademonti means the top of the hill where the palace was outside Naples, It enjoys a relatively cold city in the summer, so you can spend a whole day in the palace.


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