The Russian province that is surrounded by EU countries from all sides; it has no land borders with the main part of Russia, its original name Königsberg in German, before its name was changed to Kaliningrad in 1946 after the end of World War II, The Germans were named after Mikhail Kalinin, the former president of the Soviet Union. Kaliningrad is 35 km from Poland, 70 km from Lithuania and 1289 km from Moscow. The Kaliningrad region is Russia’s only port on the Baltic Sea, dubbed the Amber City, the smallest Russian province.

Amber Museum

amber museum kaliningrad russia attractions
amber museum

Königsberg Cathedral

Königsberg Cathedral Kaliningrad russia attractions
Königsberg Cathedral

One of the oldest churches on the land of Kaliningrad, built in 1330, but the Second World War completely destroyed the church, part of this huge religious edifice, but the Soviet Union rebuilt the church structure near the first construction in 1945.

The cathedral has a great history and a huge building, so we see many visitors come to see this great building, which is characterized by the vital inscriptions of the Christian religion, and the nature of that period of Russian history. Tourism in Kaliningrad shines with these historical scenes and religious performances.

The old fortifications

Bunker Museum

Victory Square

The Central area, where are administrative buildings, banks and shops.


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