Hong Kong is one of the most important tourist destinations in China, but in all of Asia, where it has many elements and attractions of tourism, whether natural or historical and cultural.

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak

Victoria Park is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in China. It is a public park in Hong Kong, named after Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. It is located in Cosiway Bay, in the north of Hong Kong Island.
Opened in 1957, the largest open-air park in Hong Kong , occupying 19 hectares, many people on weekends spend their leisure time in Victoria Park due to its many attractive locations and other facilities.
In the main entrance of the park from Cosyway Street sits a huge statue of Queen Victoria. The garden includes tennis courts, a large swimming pool, a large green area for bowling, and other sports facilities such as the central park, basketball courts.
There are many water pools within the park that are used to operate boats with technology that can be controlled remotely. The Victoria Park swimming pool is the first public swimming pool in the region, as an indoor complex with a 50-meter world swimming pool and a multi-purpose secondary swimming pool by visitors continuously.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland

One of the most beautiful Disney theme parks around the world, located on an area of 68 acres in the Bay of Beni, Lantau Island in Hong Kong.
The park is one of the most important tourist destinations in China, with more than 34,000 visitors daily, a very high rate for Disney parks and parks around the world. Hong Kong Disneyland opened its doors to visitors on Monday, September 12, 2005. Land Exciting has been.
The park consists of seven main sections that will enjoy a lot of fun when visiting the main street, USA, Fantasiland, Adventure, Tomorolland, and a game story that bears this name relative to the famous Disney movie. The main street is the main entrance to the park, design and buildings This street largely mimics Disneyland in the United States and this street is the best gateway to your exciting Disney world.
Hong Kong’s Disneyland adventure is the largest of all the world’s Disneyland parks. The area is home to a large island that is home to the most famous Disney character of Tarzan, surrounded by a large, largely similar forest America’s Rivers In most areas, Adventure Land is also home to the Lion King Gallery, another famous Disney movie.
The Dreamland area contains a castle that mimics the Sleeping Beauty movie, which is a symbol of it, with many other attractions that belong to the famous Disney classic movies such as Dumbo the Flying Elephant and Sinderella, and there are parks with a number of famous Disney characters in their distinctive clothes.

Ocean Park Hong kong

Ocean Park Hong kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong Ocean Park Marine mammals park, zoo and park at once! Located at the southern end of Hong Kong City and covering an area of 91.5 hectares, this park was opened in 1977 by the Governor of Hong Kong at the time
It is one of the most important tourist destinations in China. It is now the world’s 13 most visited theme parks with an annual visitor rate of 7.6 million. It is also the largest park in Asia.
The ocean park now has two main attractions: the waterfront and the summit. These areas are divided into eight attractions, including the Asian Animals Area, which has a wide range of animals popular among visitors, Aqua City, a place of excitement and excitement where fun water games, Sea world where you will learn about a wide range of unique marine organisms as well as other attractions.

Clock Tower

Clock Tower

The tower, 44 meters long, rises as part of a station as part of the Kowloon Canton Railway Station, and the bustling day of the station, which is now preserved as an authorized archaeological landmark, remains an elegant era of steam.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC)

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

The center is a landmark in Hong Kong Island’s skyline due to its stunning glass-walled construction spanning 40,000 square meters. The Center is internationally recognized as a world-class conference and exhibition center and voted as Asia’s Best Convention and Exhibition Center for the ninth time by the 2012 Industry Awards Committee.

The Hong Kong Science Museum

Holds a purely scientific character, located in Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Do not think that when you visit this museum you will stare at some of the scientific and archaeological artifacts behind glass boxes for hours, but the museum depends mainly on the kidnapping of its visitors in scientific trips interesting by adults and young people, robots and virtual trips and movies with advanced display techniques are the most distinguished Museum of Hong Kong’s famous science, which has made it one of the most important tourist places in China and enjoys this status among the tourists coming to him annually from different parts of the world.
The museum covers all the scientific topics that may come to mind from light, sound, movement, electricity, magnet, mathematics, life sciences, geography, etc. in about 18 showrooms inside, all using direct participation technology to allow visitors to learn through their experiences in the exhibition.
The museum also contains a large number of fossils belonging to the famous extinct animals such as dinosaurs of all kinds and factions, the museum surrounds a large garden with large green spaces to give it a healthy and starting, this is the ideal walk for science lovers in the city of Klon Bong Kona.

Buddha Temple

It is difficult to choose between temples in Hong Kong because many of them are impressive for their individual and individual reasons, but the temple consists of 9 floors and about 12, 000 miniature Buddhas in the New Territories that are worth visiting.

Ping Shan Heritage Trail

Few people tend to venture out of the urban jungle in Hong Kong, they are one of the few places that you can find out by some local history. Home to the walled villages in Hong Kong. The fence was established in the settlements by deporting many clans and families still celebrating their traditional heritage, in buildings, clothing and lifestyle. Along the heritage trail of Ping Shan – which wraps through a number of centuries old villages – you will find traditional Chinese architecture models in ancestral halls and temple.

Lantau Island

The largest Hong Kong island ever located at the mouth of the Pearl River. It is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in China . The charming blue waters surround the island from all sides and its beautiful golden beaches offer many activities to enjoy. In addition, the island has a large number of places of historical interest as well as high mountain peaks with wide green spaces.


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