Cuba has its weight in tourism as its privileged location has become the focus of many tourists from all over the world, and also includes many wonderful beaches in addition to the distinctive architectural buildings that were erected during the colonial. Many resorts, restaurants and hotels have been built, which in turn attract more tourists, making it the third largest tourist destination in the Caribbean.

Not only by leisure tourism but also by other aspects such as health, as the state has provided healthy and distinctive health tourism, where Cuba is highly advanced medical.

The Cuban capital Havana is a large city and features many of the buildings that are the result of the successive colonization of the city. These buildings are designed with a beautiful geometric design and surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers.

Malecon Walk


A walkway, a long walkway, you can walk around, sit and enjoy the views of the beach, on Havana Beach, and there is a variety of mobile vendors selling delicious food. And relax.

Prado Street

A street where dozens of freelance artists and painters display their drawings and work outdoors every Saturday afternoon.Among the drawings are many drawings of naked bodies.Artworks and graphics are for viewing only and not for sale as I read from the website. But I think some of them are displaying drawings and works for sale.

Plaza de Armas

It is a wonderful square where tourists always come in. It is characterized by its ancient history, its palm trees, and there is a market where the various used goods that the tourist buys are presented as a kind of souvenir.

Grand Teatro de La Habana

The oldest and oldest theater, opened in 1838 in the city of Havana. The theater includes several musical theaters, ballet theaters and a special event for conferences and meetings.


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