Frankfurt is probably not a tourist city because it is well known for its business, economy and gateway to Europe, but it has many attractions, especially the arts, cultural activities and historic buildings that modern high buildings meet. It is a city that mixes the past with the present.


Römerberg attractions

Founded Romer in 1405 AD, one of the most important Frankfurt landmarks that have great importance and continues until the moment.
The building is six centuries old and is one of the most important tourist places in Germany.
The Römer Frankfurt building houses the three buildings whose facades are designed in the form of drawers. In the Romer building there is Kaiser Kaiser Sal’s hall on the second floor. Previously, the imperial hall was a royal place where ceremonies were held to crown the German emperors.
Today, portraits of the German Empire and 52 other paintings are attached to the walls. On the ground floor, large halls were constructed to be available for rent, exhibitions and commercial transactions.
It also takes off from the square in front of the New Year’s Day celebrations in Frankfurt every year, with many local events and festivals.
In World War II, 1944, the site was subjected to heavy shelling by the Allies, after which the site was restored. The famous Phoenician inscriptions were added to its walls. The bird is a symbol of renewal, strength and rebirth from the rubble and death as the city.

Naturmuseum Senckenberg

Naturmuseum Frankfurt attractions

The Natural History Museum in Frankfurt, one of the most tourist places in Germany, Frankfurt’s visit, as is one of the largest museums of Germany.

Where the skeletons of dinosaurs, extinct animals and many plant species are exhibited in the museum, all these exhibits are accompanied by an enormous amount of information for those interested in these things.

Goethe Haus und Museum

Goethe Haus und Museum Frankfurt
Goethe Haus und Museum

The museum is a major symbol of interest in art in the city. The museum includes a collection of cinematic studies as well as an archive of films, seminars and lectures on the history of cinema, and documentation of major filmmakers in Germany such as Volker Schloe Ndrov and production companies such as X-Film. .



The museum contains a collection of paintings and paintings, and in 1939 the contents of the museum were transferred to a castle owned by the Baroque Thune to protect it from damage during the World War, which destroyed much of German history. Among the most famous exhibits of the museum is the Rembrandt, in addition to the statues of saints made of wood and stone, which are an unrivaled artistic masterpiece.

Botanical Garden Palmengarten

Founded in 1868 by the Frankfurt Group, Botanical Gardens take you on a journey from the orchards of African savannah and rainforests from exotic plants to the flower garden of Europe. In an area of 50 hectares of greenhouses, you can see more than 6, 000 different plant species from all over the world. This botanical garden is located at 63 Siesmayerstr, Frankfurt. Tropicarium is one of the largest greenhouse complex. It displays tropical plants including orchids, bromelias, palms, ferns, juicers and more. Musum is open daily from 09:00 to 16:00 during the months of November to January while the months from March to October are open from 9:00 to 18:00.


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