The distance you reach to this civilization is approximately half an hour or hour. This civilization is located in the west along the coast of the Bay of Pigs and this civilization has everything that pleases and makes you happy because it is full of art, culture and history. There are lots of things you can do in this civic even if just walking on foot will help you feel happy. The strange in this civilization is the control of the European sense of it thanks to the magnificent architecture in the country.

Palacio de Valle

Palacio de Valle Cienfuegos attractions

Palacio de Valle

Tomas Terry Theatre

theatre_terry Cienfuegos attractions
Terry Theatre

Worth visiting it’s an old 19th-century theater called Teatro Thomas Thierry. The theater can be visited with a symbolic figure of no more than two dollars to see the grandeur of Cuba’s pre-revolutionary past, where the seats are decorated with gold ornaments throughout the theater.


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