Cappadocia, a tourist area in the center of Anatolia, was inhabited by humans since the beginning of the Bronze Age, and left their traces amid the volcanic rocks, which constitute this area carved, and full of Byzantine religious monuments and cities under the ground, making it a tourist point attracts especially amateur history. The most prominent tourism in Cappadocia:

Göreme Open Air Museum

Göreme Open Air Museum

Open Museum on UNESCO’s List of Human and World Heritage is a collection of churches with a number of magnificent vases dating from the 10th to the 12th centuries CE where Cappadocia was a center Of the religious centers controlled by the Byzantine Empire there are a number of churches and chapels inside the complex, the most important of which is the Elmalı Kilise Church (Apple Church) and the chapel of Chapel of St Barbara, Visit in 1964 Palm restoration work was carried out Clunk after it was destroyed because of some Aljdreatt time factors.

Goreme National Park

Goreme National Park

It’s one of the most important tourist areas in this area. A trip to the natural reserve can be made at a cost of 20 lira and a round trip It is also possible to camp and spend nights in the wondrous valleys. The tour includes the exploration of Wadi al-Hob, Wadi al-Hamam and Wadi al-Ward, and the chimneys of the sparrows, which locals believe are the houses of the jinn and the sparrows.

Rose Valley

Rose Valley Cappadocia

Due to the overlap between the valleys of the area of Cappadocia, the red, orange and rose rock cliffs were formed because of the volcanic eruption and the erosion factors over thousands of years. The place was formed as it is today between these slopes is cultivated Chrome and grapes It is said that these orchards were excavated from the Byzantine era are the ideal opportunities for a walk between history and nature.

Goreme Churches

Goreme Churches

One of the most popular attractions is the open-ended Goreme Museum, a very old building with its distinctive rock-carved churches, including the prestigious Tokelai Church and the Apple Church as well as the pigeons.

Ihlara Valley

The deep valleys located in the south-west of Cappadocia there are a number of mountain slopes that combine with greenery and tall trees there is a number of ancient monasteries The valley is located at the place of the village Selima village is suitable for safari and barbecues do not miss go For that creative place.


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