The most famous city in new Zealand in the north, and an area of about five hundred and ninety-nine km², while the population according to the statistics of the year 2015 to one million four hundred and forty-five thousand people, which is the largest cities in New Zealand in terms of population, With four cities: Auckland City, Waitakere City, Manukau City and North Beach City.
Auckland is located between the Pacific Bay of Hauraki in the east, the Hunwa mountain range to the south-east, the Manucau port from the southwest, the Waitakere mountain range from the west and the northwest, and the highlands of volcanic hills, harbors, bays, It is therefore called the local people in the city of sailing, and the city of sails; for the spread of sea boats on its coasts and in its ports.
climate is the climate of the coastal areas, where Auckland is one of the warmest areas in New Zealand. The average temperature in January and February is about 23 degrees Celsius. In July and August, the average temperature in Oakland is 14 degrees Celsius and the rainfall is one thousand two hundred and twenty-four millimeters a year, allowing for the continued presence of rainforests in the city. As for the division of seasons throughout the year in Auckland, the summer lasts from December to February and autumn from March to May, winter begins in June, and continues in August, while spring Between September and November.

Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki

Auckland Art Gallery
Auckland Art Gallery

Explore a treasure trove of historic, modern and contemporary New Zealand art, as well as work by Māori and Pacific Island artists. International painting, sculpture and print collections range from 1376 to the present day.

It was established in 1888; The Gallery building reopened in 2011 after a comprehensive heritage restoration and expansion and is the 2013/2014 World Building of the Year.

It hosts international touring exhibitions and also offers a lively calendar of talks, performances, film screenings and children’s activities.

Hours Open:

Weekdays: 10am–5pm

Weekends: 10am–5pm

Closed on Public Holidays

Auckland War Memorial Museum

Auckland War Memorial Museum
Auckland War Memorial Museum

Despite its name, but in addition to the tools of war also contains artifacts belonging to the Maori people Polynesian peoples.

Founded in 1852 in the style of Klaski and on the crater of an extinct volcano, today is one of Auckland’s most important museums.

Working hours: daily except Sunday 10:00 AM – 05:00 Pm.

Sky Tower

Sky Tower auckland
Sky Tower auckland

Tower is a New Zealand tourist attraction with a delightful and exciting view. The tower is 328 meters tall and is the tallest man-made structure in New Zealand and offers stunning views for up to 80 km from all sides. Around the tower is a complex for a luxury hotel and several restaurants.

Sky Tower has an entertainment complex called Sky City Auckland with two luxury hotels, a number of restaurants and clubs, a 700-seat theater, a world-class casino and plenty to explore in Sky City Auckland.

If your rush is more than just looking at Sky Tower in Auckland, or more closely, if your rush is unbeatable, go to the top of the famous free-jump tower and be one of those who jump from a height of 192 meters Down.. Is a real and memorable experience for adventurers and riskers, but it is completely safe.

This experience is at the Sky Tower jumping base and is secured by the longest man-made structure in New Zealand. SkyJump runs daily from 10am to 6pm.

The second experience may be less adventurous than the first, but it is not easy for most people. Only adventurers can walk on the edge of a 1.2 meter tower from 192 meters high to take stunning Auckland views and at the same time have a great sense of adventure. Rest assured that the public safety lines to protect you are very respected and respected.

Kelly Tarlton’s

Kelly Tarlton's
Kelly Tarlton’s

Opened in 1985, was an original underwater scientist to see Kelly Tarlton – with adventure, enjoying the diver, explorer and inventor, who wanted to share his love of the ocean with others. Kelly Tarleton consists of different regions, such as a meeting in Antarctica, home to penguins in Antarctica.

Rangitoto Island

Rangitoto Island
Rangitoto Island

It shows a beautiful and deeply rooted view of rich history with plenty of restaurants. Mission Bay is not a big beach but it is a charming beach with a beautiful backdrop of Rangitito Island which has plenty of bars and restaurants to entertain.

One-Tree Hills

Maungakiekie, known as the One Tree Hills, is one of the largest volcanoes in Auckland. It is one of the largest Maori sites in New Zealand – with terraces and Hafrkumara areas. And on the archaeological trail that takes you to interesting places. Located in Cornwall Gardens, the one-tree hills with its large obelisk erected at the turn of the last century are a tribute to local Maori residents. At that time he was afraid of the disease that was about to eliminate the Maori. Today the one-tree hills offer Aucklanders and tourists accept them to enjoy walking, jogging, picnicking or simply sitting and relaxing and enjoying some stunning destinations.

Auckland Harbor Bridge

Bridge is the longest bridge of the New Zealand Highway, the longest bridge on the North Island. It has a length of 1, 020 meters (3,348 feet), with a main bridge of 243.8 meters, a height of 43.27 meters above the high water. Auckland Harbor Bridge is a highway bridge of eight lanes extending to Waitmata Harbor between St Mary’s Bay in Auckland and Northcote at a point on the North Shore. Although it is a majestic sight of land, it is also one of the most exciting tourist attractions for Auckland with the possibility of getting close and personal with a bridge climb or a bungee bounce.


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