Annaba is a mandate inside the states of Algeria, which is located in the north – east of which part, it is the main Algeria port in the export of minerals, the most important cities is the city of Annaba, which is located on the Mediterranean coast, when Edough Massif, famous for this steppe region in agriculture, And the abundance of mineral wealth, characterized by a warm temperate atmosphere in the winter, and moderate warm in the summer.

Annaba is one of the most popular tourist attractions. It has the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea with 27 beaches. It has religious buildings of mosques, mosques and cathedrals. It has bay and islands, mountain ranges and many hotels. In addition, the Directorate of Transport in Annaba, in order to facilitate travel for travelers and tourists, has allocated 22 lines and about 167 means of transportation towards beaches throughout the state.


The most beautiful tourist places to visit in Annaba

  1. Beaches

In Annaba there are a large number of beaches which should be visited the most of them, the most famous of which are (Victory Beach, Chaia Batah, Toush Beach, Sankalo Beach, Rizki Ibrahim Beach, Rizi Omar Beach,, Ein Aseer Beach, Fayoum Island Beach, Lei Premi Beach, Falah Rasheed Beach, Darawshe Beach, Sidi Salem Beach, Janan Al Bay Beach, Wadi Al Qasab Beach, Ein Berber Beach, Shatiibi Beach, West Bay Beach and Golden Sands Beach.

  1. St. Augustine

Church the Church of St. Augustine, or the so-called Peace Church, is an architectural masterpiece in Annaba. It is a large edifice that tells the life of this saint, a Latin African philosopher who lived between 354 and 430 AD. Around 1880 AD by the Romans, the olive trees are decorated with many drawings and inscriptions, ranging from Roman, Arab, Islamic and Byzantine. Inside the church, all the light goes to the main altar, and tourists from all places pray and worship or to see their architecture and buildings.

  1. Kaf Island K

It is a small and beautiful island located in Shatiibi, Annaba, overlooking Shatiibi Bay and Marsa Skikda, an area of ​​about 20 hectares. It was once called the French occupation of Saint-Pieter, a habitable island;it is also called the Island of Dreams, with many scenic views of fresh green forests and seagulls’ beaches.

  1. The Hippon Museum the Hippon Museum

It is located in Annaba, next to the Church of St. Augustine. It is one of the most important museums in Algeria. It has many historical monuments and ancient monuments, such as silver and copper pots, bronze statues and some mosaics. , Although it is a small museum but it is well organized and maintained, no smoking is allowed, or photography is taken.

The museum offers a wonderful view of the hill, so many of the tourists who have visited it advise visitors to visit Annaba, which they say is “really worth seeing and worth a ticket.”

      5. Annaba Park

Saridi is one of the municipalities of the state of Annaba, located on Mount Adug, and is known as a forest area, characterized by its health, far from pollution, so people are intended for treatment beside tourism, overlooking the Bay of Saridi, and there are several beaches, The park is one of the most beautiful hotels in Annaba, located between the sea and the mountain. It is 12 km from the state of Annaba and is 850 meters above sea level.

The hotel is a four-star hotel with 102 rooms, with magnificent views like the sea and High Mountains, with cafés and tea rooms with direct sea views, a swimming pool, and irregular building, as its architecture is designed in desert style.


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