Algiers is the capital of the Republic of Algeria and the largest city in terms of population, during the reign of the Roman Empire was known as the Axiom, and the current names cheerful and whispered, and white Algeria to the whiteness and brightness of buildings, and is characterized by economic activity, commercial and financial in the country where the number of Industries especially in the area called Ruwaiba Reghaia. Residents of Algiers According to the lexicon, the city of Algeria are one of the world’s 100 most populous cities with an estimated population of 5.3 million. It is the largest city in the Maghreb region in terms of population, multi-ethnic and nationalities in the city on the following lines: Amazigh, French, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Location of Algiers

It is located on the edge of the northeastern slopes of a mountain called Buzaria, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and is 400 meters high. The city’s bay extends from Rais Hamido to Ras Tammenpost in the shape of a 31 km long arch. Latitude (6 4, 36 north), and longitude (3 3, 5 east) of the Greenwich Line, The city of Algiers has recently witnessed a significant expansion towards the north-west at the foot of Mount Bouzeria. The expansion extended eastward behind the mouth of the Harrach valley at the expense of the fertile land of the Mitijah plain, along the Gulf in the south and southwest directions on the steep hillsides of the coast. Climate of Algiers The city of Algiers is characterized by its Mediterranean climate. It is known for its long hot and dry summers, mild winters, and snowfall.

Ketchaoua Mosque

Ketchaoua Mosque algeria attractions
Ketchaoua Mosque

The Kachawa Mosque is one of the most famous historical mosques in Algeria. It was built in the Ottoman era by Hassan Pasha in 1794 but was converted to a church after the Grand Commander of the French Forces, General Duque du Rovigo, took out all the copies of the Koran. The name of Martyrs’ Square, and burned it for the last. General Rufigo then turned the mosque into a stable, after it killed the worshipers, killing four thousand Muslims who had gathered in protest against his decision to turn him into a church. Then the mosque was demolished on 18/12/1832 AD, and was replaced by a cathedral, bearing the name “Saint Philip”.

The Ketchaoua Mosque represents a unique Turkish architectural masterpiece, called Ketchaoua relative to the market that was held in the square. On 4 Jumada II 1382 H / 2 of November 1962, Friday prayers were held at the Kachawa Mosque in Algeria. Its fiancé was the famous Algerian scientist Al-Bashir Al-Ibrahim This was the first Friday in the mosque, one hundred years after the French occupation turned this mosque into a church

Botanical garden of Hamma

Botanical Garden of Hamma algeria attractions
Botanical Garden of Hamma

Established in 1832,it is one of the most beautiful parks in the country and Africa because of its rich biological diversity. It is also one of the most beautiful parks in the country combines the regions of cold Europe and warm Africa.

Located just off the Gulf of Algiers, just a few kilometers from the city center, the Experimental Park features a French-style garden, a British-style garden, a zoo and a science center.

The Experimental Park has more than 150 years’ old trees and rare plants brought from around the world. Among these trees are the 30-meter-tall Washingtonian tree, which is about a hundred years old, palm trees and 30-meter-tall palaces, as well as camphor and bamboo.

The park has 2,500 species of plants and trees, including 25 species of palm trees, as well as rare species of plants such as the tree of the “dragon”, known as the dragon tree, the only one in the world that is about two centuries old.

It contains several rare historical statues such as the statue of the ancient and the only woman in the world, also has a private lake with fish and other types of water birds such as white ducks, swans, and ducks.

The zoo also has a long-standing zoo that used to be used as an experimental center for the breeding of African jungle animals and a study of its adaptation before being sent to Aruba, where the climate of northern Algeria is similar to that of Europe.

The test garden is characterized by a very mild climate that differs from the capital climate, which is not less than 15 ° C and not more than 25 ° in summer. The climate of the capital varies between 5 ° and 38 ° in winter and summer respectively, making it one of the most popular parks in the world in Algeria.

The park continues to receive visitors from its teachers in exploratory teams, families wishing to entertain themselves in leisure time, as well as researchers and environmentalists from the testing center in the heart of the park, as well as young children attending their gardening and gardening school.

Museum of modern art of Algiers

Museum of Modern Art of Algiers algeria attractions
Museum of Modern Art of Algiers

Algiers offers its visitors the opportunity to enjoy the largest visit and the largest museum of fine arts in North Africa and the Middle East.

The building is an architectural masterpiece and is the finest in North Africa, which is a major reference for modern and contemporary art exhibitions. It is also an additional space for spreading live art to the world. It also represents a new vision for works of art and presents a new aesthetic discourse about ourselves and others.

The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Algiers are characterized by its belonging to a new Maghreb framework, inherited from the colonial era, although it was not originally designed for this purpose.

There is a clear desire to restore cultural history and to chronicle the history of modern Algerian art. This museum houses all groups of modern art from the beginning of the twentieth century, and contemporary Algerian and foreign art, and presents them to the public.

The building is located in the heart of the capital and is familiar to the Algerian population, with contradictory connotations, as a reminder of the colonial period. It is also a source of admiration for the beauty of its architecture and decoration, and the nostalgia for a time when this site was available to all the public, the time of the Algerian gallery and the gallery of France.

This place, which combines the quality of the decoration and its style, inspired mainly by the Spanish / Maghreb architectural reference to the Andalusian architectural buildings and the modern European practical concept, is a work of art that the visitors admire.

From this point of view, this option is as misleading as it is seductive. It combines the Maghreb Palace, the large shop and the museum.

The museum may have been created in the heart of the capital, specifically in the areas reserved for the Algerian gallery and the former gallery of France, in a building dating back to the beginning of the last century and in 1909.

The building, designed by architect Henri Petit, is located on Esli Street – today the Arabi Ben Mehdi Street – and is based on the modern Maghreb architecture ordered by Charles Celestin Gunnar, the general ruler of Algeria, who after the country gained its financial independence directed the colonial administration’s policy towards building a picture For a city that claims to protect and respect the identity of indigenous peoples.

The work done by well-known Algerian craftsmen, carpenters, decorators and miniaturists such as Hamimona or Balkhznaji, as a wonderful sample of local traditional art, will inevitably lead to an interesting aesthetic confrontation with modern and contemporary art exhibitions in the future.

Bardo National Museum of Prehistory and Ethnography

Bardo National Museum of Prehistory and Ethnography algeria attractions
Bardo National Museum of Prehistory and Ethnography

The National Museum of Bardot in Algiers is located in the suburb of Algiers, Mustafa Pasha, built in the late 18th century by a Tunisian Tunisian exile in Algeria, “Ben Haj Omar” to serve as a summer residence where the city’s dignitaries meet.

In 1879, the French added Mr. Gouret. It was attached to the palace to be used as a stable and a barn for animals. In 1930, when the building was opened as a museum of prehistory and ethnography in the centennial of colonialism in Algeria. The Bardo Museum displays ethnographic works, while the prehistoric annex is dedicated. Since then, he has been invited to the Bardo Museum, and then named the National Museum Bardo in 1985.

Notre Dame d’Afrique

NOTRE_DAMED'AFRIQUE.ALGER algeria attractions

One of Churches set along the Mediterranean coast. The Church of the African Lady, which sits on the foot of a mountain overlooking the sea in Bab El Oued in Algiers. An interesting building takes you from imbalance to balance, open and silence, think and then meditate.

It’s a Monument. But it is not the monument that represses , we know that the monuments were built to glorify the dead, the leaders and kings, but some were the graves – pyramids, but the monument here is the church full of symbols; it is for social perception and worship, Where it is now being restored at a cost of over one million euros.

This church was built by the architect” Frumjo” from 1858 to 1872 under the patronage of the composer “Baffi” and the Cardinal “Lavigerie”, which was inaugurated on May 4, 1872. The church is 54 meters long and 124 meters high. The dome is 48 meters high. Its architectural style Byzantium its decoration belongs to the Spanish-Arabic style.

The church contains 1 – the entrance hall 2 – the courtyard with chairs 3 – the place of the altar. When you cross the door / entrance from the top of the marble stairs, you encounter on the left a plaque inscribed with the Mariamite worship in North Africa in the first century, and in the middle is a list containing a replica found in Carthage about the fourth century in which the Virgin appears with the child, Inscribed with Mary, and around it a souvenir from the 14th century in Latin, Arabic and Amazigh issued by “Tzmalt” in the small tribes. It says: “Protect your servant Mary.” In the center courtyard we see graffiti – vows in response – in recognition of the Virgin Mary; in Arabic, Amazigh and French, some old and the other modern, we see on the right the vow of the spaceman “Frank Burman” when he arrived in space in 1970. In the depth of the courtyard, To Ann Sank, one of the people who helped build the church and in every corner of the church there is a dome on the left dedicated to the Sacred Heart and on the right is dedicated to St. Joseph.

The church is built by two women from the city of Lyons (Margurit Bergi) known as Miss Agarite, who died in 1875 and is buried in the small church of St. Joseph, and Anna Sank, who died in 1884 and buried at the entrance to the church, still open to visitors and worshipers from 1872 to the present day.

Maqam Echahid

Maqam Echahid algeria attractions
Maqam Echahid

The martyr’s residence is located on the heights of the city of Algiers in the Municipality of Al Madina, east of the Diar crop district and to the north of the Riad El Fath shopping center. It also overlooks the Hama neighborhood (shared with Blozdad) and the North-East Experimental Park.

In the past was the place of the monument erected a former military fortress.

The martyr’s place was completed in 1982 on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the independence of Algeria. Although it was an idea since independence, it was only during the reign of President Chazli Ben Al-Jadid. At Batna, the birthplace of Algerian President “Mohamed Boukhrouba” (Houari Boumedienne). The construction of the project was overseen by the Canadian company (Lavalin). The design engineer is Algerian Bashir YalsAnd unfortunately a few Algerians who know this, where he excelled in the design of the shrine and is in the form of three palm trees embrace and rise to the sky, and the teacher includes the Museum of the Mujahid in all its aspects, and oversaw Bashir Yals on the arrangement of the contents of the museum and has adopted To decorate the walls verses of the Koran by the calligrapher Abdul Hamid Iskandar.

The Martyr’s Place is accessed byTelefirik Memorial Park.


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