Seychelles one of the top tourist destination in the world is a group of island that is located in the Indian Ocean. There are 115 islands in Seychelles, and only a few of those islands are inhabited.

Outer Seychelles

This part of the region is made up of coralline and mostly inhabited islands. There are very few people who visit these islands. You can find some private yacht going into these small islands.

Inner Seychelles

This part of the region is made up of the granite island, and most of the population lives here in these islands. There are several resorts in this part of the region which are quite famous among the tourist. By population, Seychelles is the smallest African country.

In the year 1502, it was the great Admiral Vasco da Gama who visited these islands and named them after himself as “the islands of the admiral.” After the Napoleonic Wars, this region was a disputed region between the France and the Great Britain. In the year 1976 the islands became free, and in the year 1993, elections were held for the first time.

Seychelles Beach
Seychelles Beach

The climate of this place is excellent as it is not hot and humid. The average temperature is 84°F (29°C), and average sea temperature rarely dropping below 81°F (27°C). May to September is the cooler season in this place. November to March is a bit warmer than the rest of the year.

You don’t need a visa to travel to these beautiful islands, but you should have a passport to enter the islands. The local authorities also look for your bookings proof, and they provide one-month staying permit which can be extended to 3 months later on. Several languages are spoken here in these islands such as Seychellois Creole, English and French.

Tourist likes to visit these islands because fewer people are wandering in these islands and these islands are very calm and peaceful. It is the perfect place if you are looking for one such place where you can stay sometime alone. People come here for hiking and sightseeing. A hike is a must along with the coastline.


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