The Petra, Jordan is very famous ruins that are also known as “rose-red city” and Nabataean city in the ancient time. In the year 1985, Petra was recognized as the World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Petra Jordan

From the 6th Century B.C, this was the capital of the Nabataean kingdom. In 106 AD this kingdom came under the Roman Empire. The Romans further extended the city. The city was a commercial hub, and it continued to flourish until the great earthquake stuck in the AD 663. In the year 1189 when Saladin’s was the ruler of the Middle East, this city was abandoned and was lost.

In the year 1812 a Swiss explorer, Johann Ludwig Burckhardt who disguised as an Arab scholar entered the city and rediscovered the city. This inspired many other western explorers to work here in this place. Some of the famous names those days were David Roberts, a Scottish artist. He was responsible for creating accurate and detailed illustrations of the city in 1839. After the formation of the Trans-Jordan, the first excavations of the site were seen. That was the time when this place became the most important tourist attraction in Jordan. The famous Steven Spielberg movie, Indiana Jones, and the Last Crusader made this place very popular among the people. In the year 2007, this place was declared as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World because of its stunning design and concept.

The fees to enter Petra are JOD90 for one day. Tourists who are on the overnight stay in the country pay JOD50 for the entry for one day and JOD55 for two days or JOD60 for three days. To prove your stay there, you need to show your passport. There is no concession for students expect for those who have enrolled in the Jordanian university. The admission price for those students is just JOD1.


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