The city of Mecca was once a sandy desert but now it is the most important cultural place for the people who preach Islam. Every year millions of people come to this place to perform Haj. This place is the social capital of the Muslims all over the globe. This place is also known as Kabba. The mosque is also the biggest mosque in the world. During the Haj when millions of Muslims pilgrims visit this place, then it is one of the largest gatherings on earth.

There are several ways of transpiration here in this place. Some of these include taxis, and small-scale transports are accessible in Mecca and are economical. The 18 km (11 mi) Al Mashaaer Al Mugaddassah Metro opened in November 2010. An aggregate of 5 metro lines is intended to convey pioneers to the religious destinations.

Unless you’re a national of Saudi Arabia or neighboring GCC nations (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates), everybody expects visa to enter Saudi Arabia. The strategic missions of Saudi Arabia issue unique visas for those making the journey to Mecca, either Hajj or Umrah. Most pioneers pick to utilize a master travel organization, which will deal with the impressive printed material for them. As normal in Saudi Arabia, ladies must travel together with a male watchman (Mahram), unless they are more than 45, going with a gathering and have their gatekeeper’s marked assent.

Mecca Pilgrim Places
Mecca Pilgrim Places

Hajj visas are assigned on a quantity framework, in light of the quantity of Muslims in a nation. At times, the individuals who have beforehand done Hajj have had extra confinements put on their next Hajj, with an end goal to debilitate packing while as yet pleasing the individuals who have not yet made the journey. Umrah visas can be gotten whenever of the year except amid the Hajj season. If the candidate isn’t a national of a Muslim-lion’s share nation or was not conceived a Muslim, s/he should introduce a declaration legally approved by an Islamic focus affirming that s/he is a Muslim. For the most part, your mosque will have the capacity to orchestrate this or if nothing else point the way.

Lord Abdulaziz International Airport (JED IATA), in Jeddah, is the passage to Mecca. Every single local aircraft serve the airplane terminal consistently. A similar airplane terminal can be utilized when wanting Umrah. The Hajj Terminal at King Abdulaziz International Airport is utilized just amid the Hajj season and is served for the most part by contract flights masterminded by provincial business aircrafts, despite the fact that there are some planned administrations also. Another choice is Ta’if Regional Airport in Taif which can likewise be utilized to get into Mecca; however, just a couple of aircrafts work here, especially those of neighboring Gulf nations.

There is an astounding present day multi-path interstate from Jeddah named Highway # 40. The separation is around 100km, and the voyage takes 60 minutes. Amid the Hajj journey season, it is stuck with transports loaded with travelers. At some other time, activity is to a great degree light for the span of the street. A couple of miles outside of Mecca, there is a cutoff alluded to as the “Christian sidestep.” Turn along this parkway to drive another 50 miles off the beaten path to achieve the beautiful mountain town of Taif. Taif, at 5000 feet height, was the previous summer royal residence of the Saudi Kings. If you stay on the primary roadway, there is a police checkpoint soon after the leave, where non-Muslims are kept out of the sacred city.


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