In the Andaman Sea, there is an archipelago of 104 islands which is known as the Langkawi the Jewel of Kedah and is 30 kilometers from the northern Malaysia. These 104 islands are on the Thai border and are a part of the state Kedah. Among the islands, the largest is the Pulau Langkawi which is a very big one and nearly 64,000 people survive here. The place Langkawi is duty-free and people like to come here in vacations and roam all the beautiful islands of the popular Langkawi. According to the etymology, the word Langkawi came from the reddish brown eagle which was a very popular creature here in the islands in the past.

In the year 1986, the government decided to make it a tourist spot so that the islands can earn its reputation with its rich tourism and people all over the globe can take its name. These clusters of 104 islands are near to the place Malaysia, but the place lies approximately 51 kilometers to the west of Kedah. The islands span an area of nearly 25 kilometers from the northern side to the southern side, and the coastal areas are rich in cultivation. Most of the parts of the islands are covered with forests, natural vegetation and hills and tourists who stay in the islands roam all the adventurous places with the maximum amount of joy.

The islands are easily accessible from the city of Kuala Lumpur, and most of the travelers other than Port Dickson come to this place and enjoy the beautiful water activities and the terrific food prepared here. The place Langkawi is known for the amount of rainfall it occurs here and most of the year there used to be heavy showers and weather remains cloudy most of the time. Only the dry period is the month from December to February where the sky remains clear, and dryness is at its peak.

Langkawi beaches
Langkawi beaches

People like to come here in this part of the year and celebrate New Year. But the visitors who like the rainy season come here in June or July when rain occurs most of the time, and people like to have the taste of some lovely wines and delicious foods. A terrific place for fishing and other water sports activities and banana riding is one special activity in the islands with some of the best water experts. Some of the other activities which can be performed here are the yachting, diving, golf and many more.

The nature of Langkawi is always talked about, and the place has nearly 200 species of birds of various kinds. The tropical rainforest in the islands are a delight to watch for the visitors during the rainy season, and Gunung Raya is the highest mountain in this place. The islands are full of caves and caves exploration is another unique activity which is done here and is a kind of adventurous activity. The accommodation in this place is superb starting from the cheap hotels to the luxurious ones for all kinds of customers. Some of the private villas are also available for the guests with all kinds of amenities and facilities with some of the most exclusive resorts. The Golf course is another attraction for the tourists here, and they love to play staying in the nearby hotels. There are many shopping areas in the Langkawi area with national and international standard and some of the special restaurants with foods which are not even available in Malaysia. It is a treat to be in this place with a variety of sightseeing spots and which can make people happy all the time.


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