La Tomatina is a very famous festival that s celebrated in the Valencian town of Buñol. The significance of this festival is that the participants use Tomatoes to throw on each other. This tomato fight is just for entertainment purpose. The festival first began in the year 1945 and since then is held every last Wednesday of August.

During the last Wednesday of August in 1945, in the Giants and Big-Heads figures parade, several people attended the padre. Among them were some young and energetic boys decided to occupy their presence in the parade among the musician, Giants, and Big-Heads figures. One of the participants fell off the parade and started a fit of rage. He started to hit everyone in his path. Just near the place where the incident happened, there was a market stall of vegetables. That was when people started pelting each other with the vegetables where the majority were tomatoes. After that, the local people intervened and stopped the fight. The next year, the young people started bringing their quarrel to the parade, and along with that they also brought tomatoes from their houses.

La Tomatina

The first year, the police tried to stop them from the tomato fight, but the young boys somehow managed to do it without the knowledge of the police. In early 1950, the festival was banned by the local authorities. But that did not stop the participants to continue with the same spirit. The local people requested the authorities, and that was when the festival continued. In the year 1957, there was a huge protest where the Tomatina festival was canceled, and the locals carried huge coffins with tomatoes inside it. They also buried the tomatoes.

Javier Basilio one of the popular faces of Spanish television started talking about the festival in his show Informe Semanal. That was when the rest of Spain knew about the festival. After that, the number of people increased who participated in the festival. The Secretary Department of Tourism declared La Tomatina as the Festivity of International Tourist interest in the year 2002.

The fights are just for entertainment and fun these days, and there are certain rules that everyone should abide. The ripe or rotten tomatoes are used for the festival, and one needs to squeeze the tomato before throwing it to someone else. It is assured that least injury occurs during the festival. The festival lasts for an hour, and after that, the whole town is covered with tomato debris. The Los peñones pool is one of those places where some of the participants go for washing and cleaning up. The local authorities then clean up the town. The acidity of the tomato is very useful as it cleans up the whole town. In the year 2013, it was decided to allow only those participants who have bought tickets for the fights to reduce unlimited crowd gathering.


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