This celebration of mortality, the Day of the Dead is very popular among the Mexicans. The celebration has now crossed borders and reached other countries such as the USA. The celebrations are observed by the followers of the Catholic mass. These celebrations are held in the November 1st of every year, and for centuries people are watching this day.

Just like the Christmas, this festival can be as subdued and dignified or as outlandish and chintzy as you want. One of the activities that are done is to create an altar for loved ones who departed from this world. The family members leave offerings to their ancestors.

Day of the Dead Mexico

Delicious sweets and candies are served at the festival. It is also one of those festivals that are known for its colorful costumes and folk costumes. People try out their innovative skills in creating these interesting costumes that they wear during the festivals. Some of the people paint murals and skulls and showcase them during the festival.

The celebrations are bigger in the huge cities in Mexico such as the Monterrey, Puebla. In the smaller cities too this festival is observed. In the USA where there is large Mexican population, there are many people who celebrate this festival.


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