Among all the archaeological cities, Chichén Itzá is the largest in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico. This one is the most visited tourist destination in the country. In the year 1988, this site was declared as UNESCO’s world heritage site.

Chichen Itza Mexico

The ruins are very much amazing, and the only disappointing part is the number of vendors that are allowed inside the park. Many vendors are loud and rude. That makes the experience a bitter one for the tourists. In the Mayan historical sites the vendors are not allowed to enter the site, here there are so many of them.

Tourists come to this place as a day trip from Cancún which is 160 kilometers away from the place. This site is about an hour and a half away from Mérida, the capital of Yucatan. The local Maya communities have been quite successful in developing many Maya Cultural heritage sites for the tourist. The best way is to stay here for a day or two to enjoy the sites to its fullest. The day time is quite hot here, and that is why you need to come to this place very early in the morning. You can also hire guides in the entrance which can help you understand the place better. The guides are very professional, and they won’t bother you at all in case you want to spend time alone in the park. You can also stay overnight at the site.

The entry fee is M $232 or M $154 for the people who are citizens of Mexico. If you are carrying a video camera, you need to pay an additional M$45. For using tripods, you need to have special permission from the authorities. You don’t have to pay for Childers less than 13 years. On Sundays, it is free for the citizens of Mexico.

It is very much advisable to bring the umbrella as during the rainy season you do not have any other option. There is local vendor who will try selling you plastic ponchos for M$50. But the rain here is uncertain. It comes and clears off quickly.

This place was a center of pilgrimage for the people of Mayan culture for 1000 years. There is a large natural limestone sink hole that is known as “The Sacred Cenote” is holy to the ancient Rain God, Chac”.

In the year 987, the leader of the Toltec people came from the central Mexico made this place the most powerful city in the Yucatan. The ruler called himself Kukulcan. This was when the Chichen Itza became the center of worship. There are several other buildings that showcase the design concept which is the mixture of Maya and Toltec styles.

In the year 1221, it was the Mayan rulers who went against the Chichen Itza. This was the time when the city was not abandoned, but the political powers shifted to somewhere else. Until the Spanish Conquistadors intervened in the 16th, this was a pilgrimage for the Maya.

After that, the Chichen Itza was covered with jungles and the place slowly got disappeared until it is rediscovered in the year 1920 when major archaeological projects began. After that many structures were cleared and restored.


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