Canaima National Park is in the Gran Sabana area of Venezuela, in the southern Bolivar State. The recreation center is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Canaima National Park is the passage to Angel Falls. Albeit different waterfalls and tidal ponds can be going to from Canaima camp, the primary reason vacationers fly here is for the three-day, two-night treks to the base of Angel Falls. Holy messenger Falls is situated in favor of the biggest of the Venezuela’s tepuis known as Auyan-tepui.

There is a staggering assortment of untamed tropical life in the zone, including monkeys, harm bolt frogs and many types of orchids. Vertebrates in the region are by and large hard to spot yet incorporate goliath insect-eating animals, armadillos, porcupines, three-toed sloths, otters, panthers, jaguars, ungulates, and capybaras. Some of the winged animals that you can see are the best vulture, heaven tanager, white bellbird, chicken of the stone, performer wren, incredible kiskadee, banana quit, velvet sautéed splendidly, capunchinbird, dingy topped recluse, blue-cheeked parrot and others. There are no overland courses to the settlement of Canaima. The main access is via air. Avior and Rutaca travel to and from Ciudad Bolívar and Caracas.

Canaima National Park ,Venezuela

Access to the Sector Occidental is via air into towns like Canaima. In any case, the Sector Oriental (eastern area) has street get by means of the Troncal 10. The new El Dorado-Luepa street to Santa Elena de Uairen interfaces the east of the recreation center with the Brazilian wilderness and a branch of it achieves the little town of Kanavayen, which is near the tremendous Aponwao Falls.

For a trek to the Falls, it is conceivable to contract a plane to Canaima from Caracas, Margarita Island, or Ciudad Bolivar air terminals, and after that sort out a voyage through the falls individually. Practically speaking, the most straightforward activity agrees to accept a visit that deals with the subtle elements. On the off chance that you book a visit from your nation of origin, it will be more costly and notwithstanding reserving a visit from Caracas will cost more. It is least expensive to book a visit from the air terminal in Ciudad Bolivar. About all the Angel Falls visits work out of this city, and their costs incorporate the cost of a plane that flies from Ciudad Bolivar to Canaima. Most visits set up on your own from Ciudad Bolivar air terminal will incorporate a fly-by of the falls while in transit to Canaima camp.

There are additionally consistent flights leaving from/to Puerto Ordaz for not as much as BS. 1,000.00 one way – visits and settlement can without much of a stretch be orchestrated in Canaima upon landing.

At landing in the Canaima air terminal a Bs. 215 (09/2013) extra charge is gathered. Guests flying out to Canaima National Park should likewise demonstrate they have gotten a yellow fever inoculation. The individuals who can’t demonstrate this will be given the inoculation in the air terminal at Ciudad Bolivar or Puerto Ordaz for nothing.  The little settlement of Canaima is debatable by foot. Outings up to the Falls, be that as it may, will be in a hole kayak, or curiara. The 30-moment or so stroll from the nearest point on the waterway to the base of the Falls isn’t nice due to substantial tree roots on the way and guests are encouraged to take sports shoes or suchlike for this climb.


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