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Kerala Ecotourism Destination

The Kerala backwaters are a chain of bitter tidal ponds and lakes lying parallel to the Arabian Sea drift (known as the Malabar Coast) of Kerala state in southern India. The system incorporates five huge lakes connected by trenches, both synthetic and common, nourished by 38 waterways, and expanding a […]

Borneo ecotourism
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Borneo Ecotourism Destination

Borneo is the third-biggest island on the planet and the biggest in Asia. At the geographic focus of Maritime Southeast Asia, in connection to significant Indonesian islands, it is found north of Java, west of Sulawesi, and east of Sumatra. The island is politically isolated among three nations: Malaysia and […]

Costarica Ecotourism
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Ecotourism in Costa Rica

Ecotourism in Costa Rica is one of the key exercises of the tourism business in the nation. By the mid-1990s, Costa Rica came known as the ideal specimen of ecotourism. The nation is among many creating countries that look to ecotourism as a method for capitalizing on the developing interest […]

Antarctica Eco tourism
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Antarctica Ecotourism Destination

Antarctica is Earth’s coldest and driest mainland and furthermore has the most noteworthy normal height. Clearly, it is additionally the southernmost landmass, overlying the South Pole. As visits are confined, costly and troublesome, Antarctica is the main landmass to be to a great extent untouched by people; the populace comprises […]

Amazon Rainforest, Brazil Eco tourism
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Amazon rainforest, Brazil

The Amazon rainforest likewise referred to in English as Amazonia or the Amazon Jungle, is a sodden broadleaf backwoods in the Amazon biome that spreads the greater part of the Amazon bowl of South America. This bowl includes 7,000,000 square kilometers (2,700,000 sq mi), of which 5,500,000 square kilometers (2,100,000 […]

Alaska ecotourism destination
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Alaska Ecotourism Destination

Alaska is a world-renowned hub for the ecotourist. Its list of open, secured lands is broad, comprising of national woodlands, landmarks, parks, untamed life asylums and state jelly. You can string your way over a monstrous icy mass, scout for ocean otters and whales and track mountain sheep over fall […]

Himalayas Nepal Eco tourism
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Himalaya Ecotourism Destination

Standing tall for ages, The Himalayas are the most popular mountain ranges in the world. The concept of these mountains here in Himalaya is so unique that the Indian government has taken a new initiative to include Himalayan studies in universities. The Himalaya appropriate extends from the Indus stream in […]

Blue Mountains New South Wales Australia
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Blue Mountains National Park, Australia

The Blue Mountains National Park is a vast, World Heritage-recorded national stop possessing a great part of the Blue Mountains district of New South Wales, Australia. The recreation center is home to numerous kangaroos and other natural life. When strolling in the bramble, particularly in the late spring, know about […]